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içecek, emülsiyon, beta karoten, lutein, aroma

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about cavailes

It all began one snowy day in the kitchen...

     Cavailes focus is primarily based on human health and continues to offer fresh, delicious and healthy products for three generations. We started our production with fruit flavored drinks and enriched our production range by blending unique natural flavors with our knowledge to offer new tastes for your appreciation.

  • Beverage emulsions

  • Natural flavours

  • Natural colors


     Cavailes continuously expands its product range with better quality and on the other hand, develops new production concepts to provide healthy products. Cavailes is always the pioneer of innovation and our products can be found under three groups.


     Our institutional and professional management works for you to consume natural and healthy products.

cavailes products

Cavailes focus is primarily based on human health and continues to offer fresh, delicious and healthy products for three generations.


Natural Food Colors

Cavailes offers a complete range of natural color with high stability, as well as custom blending expertise to achieve the perfect hue for any application. Our ability to add depth and stability to natural colours gives Cavailes an advantage because we are able to provide unique custom colours.

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Beverage Compounds

Many consumers perceive cloudy beverages as particularly natural, fruity and high quality.

Thanks to hands-on experience in emulsion technology, we are able to offer you stable, standardized cloud emulsions for a wide range of different beverage applications.

içecek, emülsiyon, beta karoten, lutein, aroma


When exciting the senses is your business, curiosity is a competitive advantage and we love to explore...

Through our willingness to be pioneers, we find and develop ingredients that give our customers the best fragrances from fine beverages to dressings, confectionary and dairy products.

içecek, emülsiyon, beta karoten, lutein, aroma

cavailes sustainability policy

Hear what our employees are saying about ...

Voisins le Bretonneux, April 2008

Cavailes is committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee as our overriding priority. We believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable and that there will be no compromise of an individual’s wellbeing in anything we do.


We believe it is a leadership responsibility to implement actions to help our employees realize a healthy and injury-free workplace.


Every employee has an important role in assuring that they and their co-workers are safe. We operate according to rigorous standards recognizing that through training and knowledge of these practices we can also enhance the personal lives of our employees and their families.

Paris, June 2005

Cavailes is committed to protecting human health, natural resources, and the environment in which we live and operate. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with the law to include efforts to minimize our environmental impact through the implementation of innovative solutions. Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our operations and products is the responsibility of everyone. We will lead the Cavailes team to continue to integrate sound environmental practices into our business.


Chairman & CEO

David E. Charlier

Contact us

2, Place des Douves, Voisins le Bretonneux, 78960, France

Karacaoğlan Mh, 6170 Sk., no:11/18, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey

+90 530 3934353

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